We believe the future of lighting and energy is marked by the speed with which we bring the latest technology to the consumer marketplace. The long-life LED technology we deliver to our clients today will be the lighting used by generations to come. LED lighting from California LED Solutions can be passed down for decades to come. Our goal is not only to equip you with the lighting needs of today, but to assure your lighting assets will be part of your Investment Portfolio for tomorrow. We deliver long-life LED technology for a brighter, more cost-efficient future.”

— Brandon Shields, Sales Manager, California LED Solutions

Better technology for optimal LED performance

A new generation of green, eco-friendly lighting is here! Lights from California LED Solutions have an industry-proven performance guarantee that is second to none. Our lights feature the latest, most technologically advance, highly-efficient, LED technology. They put off 80% more lumens per watt than do the leading commercial brands. Check out our product line and feel free to contact us for documentation.

Before you invest in LED technology be sure to read the fine print specification details. As the old adage says "the proof is in the details".

When comparing suppliers of LED technology be sure to compare:
  • Lumen Count per Watt: Leading big-box store bulbs produce 48~60 lm/W; our LED's produce 80~130 lm/W, which means less energy for the same LED light output.
  • CRI Ratings: Color Rendering Index is a measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of objects faithfully when compared with an ideal natural light source. Light sources with a high CRI rating are desirable in part because of the amount of light emitted that the human eye can see and use.
  • Lifespan: Leading big-box store brand bulbs advertise a lifespan of 25,000 to 35,000 hrs., while our LEDs last approximately 50,000 hours.
  • Free Demo Samples: We will ship you free demo samples to assure that you get what you expect before investing in your lifelong LED bulb.
  • Free Energy Savings Report: We tell you the exact savings you can achieve before you buy.