About Our Company

California LED Solutions is the sole distributor of OptimalLED lighting in the Golden State. OpotimalLED's lighting solutions are the most energy efficient in the industry, allowing customers to recoup their investments faster and save more money over time.

OptimalLED was founded in 2008 with a primary focus on creating a more energy-conscious and eco-friendly, commercial fishing industry. Having achieved great success within the Alaska and Pacific Northwest fishing trawler fleet and fish processing plants, OptimalLED expanded its product offerings to include industrial, commercial, municipal, residential, leisure marine, and landscape lighting. Our initial endeavor of providing LED lighting for marine uses and to fishing vessels in the world’s harshest environments provided a top-grade platform off which OptimalLED could launch their ever-expanding product line with unmatched quality and service.

With direct access to leading-edge LED chip suppliers such as CREE, Bridgelux, Nichia, and Epistar, we are able to stay years ahead of the technology curve leaving competitors to lag 2–4 years behind our highest lumen-per-watt-ratings in the industry. OptimalLED prides itself on bringing the absolute latest LED technology to the consumer, which has become the cornerstone of our philosophy. With more than 25 years of direct electronics and manufacturing experience in related areas, OptimalLED comprises a team of the most talented worldwide engineers and managers on the planet.

We have done more than our fair share of LED installations—from the simplicity of replacing high-heat-generating bulbs in Florida, to helping produce millions of dollars of savings using 8ft LED replacements for T8 fluorescent tubes, to installing mission-critical LED floodlights in fishing trawlers in the Bering Sea—OptimalLED sets the bar on taking care of both the home user, small and large businesses, and marine enterprises.

Did you know

  • OptimalLED offers a free Energy Comparison Survey Report upon request for any client in advance of purchase.
  • An educated customer is a happy customer—that’s our belief at OptimalLED. When we can help customers make educated decisions, we’re helping them to reap the long-term rewards of eco-efficiency.
  • OptimaLED provides demo samples prior to purchase to assure the customer gets what they expect.
  • Many OptimalLED clients become local dealers within their own communities. We encourage and support these entrepreneurs and welcome all interest in our products. Contact us today to learn more about our Dealer Program.

Historical installations include:

  • Fish Processing Plant | Homer, AK | 8ft LED Tube Lights
  • Crabbing Trawlers | Bering Sea, AK |LED Floodlights & Spotlights
  • Salmon Trawlers | Naknek, AK | LED Floodlights, Spotlights, and Tube Lights
  • County Government Facilities & Parking Garages | Orlando, FL | LED Floodlights and Security, Office, and Landing Lighting
  • Hotels | Key West Fl., Honolulu HW (LED Bulbs, Landscape, Reception area and Hallway lights
  • Homes | CA, FL, NY, OH, OR, WA, TX | LED Landscape, Recessed, Lamp, Candelabra, and Security Lighting
  • Laundromats | Bahamas; Miami, FL | LED Tube Lights
  • Leisure Expedition Vessels | Key Largo, Key West, Summerland Key, FL