Commercial LED Lighting
   for businesses, industrial, and commercial facilities

OptimalLED prides itself on providing professional quality, commercial-grade LED lighting to all segments of industry—municipal, marine, retail, and professional clients. Our commercial LED lighting provides unparalleled opportunity to save on energy consumption and costs. With most commercial lighting being in use for more than 12 hours a day, the savings potential is huge. Our commercial-grade LED bulbs can easily replace outdated incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with superior energy efficiency. Obtaining the ideal light color for any application—from parking lots and warehouses to high-end showrooms—is all possible with OptimalLED.

Superior Technology

OptimalLED brings you the latest technology within weeks of its introduction, not months or years like many other LED manufacturers. We proudly offer up to 130Lm/W in COB chip technology which surpasses other companies’ lumen output by more than 162%! You will never be caught buying last year’s technology when you source from OptimalLED. We are one of the very few companies that offer products assembled in the USA as well as the highest grade of imported technology.

Superior Quality

OptimalLED uses only leading brands of LED chips, LED drivers, and the highest quality aluminum heat sink technology in all of its products. Our weatherproof-grade, high power, low energy floodlights offer custom-painted, 2-part epoxy primers and the highest grade powder-coated aluminum—offering you the longest-lasting housings available anywhere. After all, a 50,000-hour outdoor light is only as good as the housing in which it is placed.

Our Commercial LED Features

  • Flicker-Free, Buzz-Free: Replacing T5, T8, T10, T12 fluorescent bulbs, high bay warehouse down lights, HPS or MHD wall packs and overhead lights with eco-friendly LED bulbs means no more flickering, buzzing or delayed on modes due to bad ballasts and outdated lighting design.
  • Healthier: LEDs have proven to be healthier than their fluorescent counterparts. LEDs emit no UV rays at all, they have no need of cycling on and off like fluorescents (which can produce eye-strain and light-induced migraines).
  • Energy Efficient: LED bulbs generally use 80% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Cost Effective: LED bulbs, while initially at a higher purchase price, in most cases offer savings that give an ROI of less than 12-18 months. Over the span of an LED bulb’s life, it will end up costing about 59% percent less than fluorescent bulbs of the same lumen output.
  • Cool Operating Temperature: LEDs typically operate at a cool 107 degrees Fahrenheit, with incandescent clocking in at an average of 260 degrees. Halogens have been known to reach temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees. The cooler operating temperature of LEDs will also help drive down HVAC cooling costs.
  • Color Temperature Advantage: Our LED lights can be specified in several color temperatures ranging from a cool blue natural light, to a warm white light, to amber. 5000k and above color temps offer true color viewing of the area being lighted. This ensures superior security lighting along with improved QA/QC when used in production, assembly and warehouse receiving areas.
  • Average Lifespan: LED bulbs average a 50,000-hour lifespan, compared to the incandescent’s 1,200 hours and the fluorescent’s 10,000 hours.
  • Reduces Bugs: LED bulbs don’t emit any UV radiation or light, which ceases the natural attraction of bugs to the light source.
  • Non-Toxic: Our LED lighting is made of sustainable, non-toxic materials and contains no harmful metals like mercury or lead.

Still need more information about our commercial LED lighting?

No problem! At OptimalLED, we’re here to help you find exactly the LED lighting solution you’re looking for. Contact us today and tell us what you need, and we’ll have a response sent back to you soon!