Marine LED Lighting
    For trawlers, Yachts, boats, Docks, Decks, and more

Light up your vessel using our marine-grade LED lighting products. From a small fishing boat to a large cruiser, our energy-saving marine LEDs will help you complete your smallest tasks or navigate your vessel though the dark. While at anchor, you will enjoy the sanctity or the environment without the need to run generators to power high-wattage lighting. A typical mid-sized boat can be comfortably illuminated with as little as 30 watts of Led lighting compared to 300 watts of incandescent and halogen. LEDs don’t attract bugs allowing you even more comfort in the serene surroundings.

Our marine-grade deck and dock LED lighting will perform in even the harshest of marine environments and outperform any incandescent or halogen product on the market. And our marine-grade, high-power, low-energy flood lights can be ordered with industrial-strength, 2-part epoxy primers and superior, UV-cured over coatings—offering you the longest-lasting housings available anywhere.


Crabber Lights (Forward Spots)

Crabber Lights (forward spots)

Optimal LED supplies replacement lighting to the commercial fishing fleet in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and Bering Sea. Using LED lighting to replace high pressure sodium and metal halide lights is very popular with boats of all size.

When used as a replacement for “crabbing lights” (HPS spots for forward running lights), captains find our IP65- and IP67-rated 200W 60/120 degree beam angle lighting to be vastly superior to the 1000W+ sodium lighting historically used for this purpose. LED light at 6000k cuts through the rain, fog, and snow offering clearer visibility for seeing crab pot buoys, channel markers, and potential floating hazards.

All of our LED lights offer 12/24, 32vdc or 100/277Vac. They are ballast-free, flicker-free, and offer instant maximum light at turn-on with no warm-up period. LED lights can be cycled off and on without issue or damage. These lights offer tremendous fuel savings, with the ability to run for long periods while at anchor directly off the 12/24v battery bank. LEDs also offer a healthy, natural daylight color spectrum—which shows the true color of items being illuminated—no more washed-out yellow field of view.

Deck Lighting

Trawler LED DeckLighting

LED flood lighting of decks and working areas offers a bright, natural daylight color. A 4500–5500k light illumination allows viewing of the work area to be as if it were daylight. The true colors of bait, fish, lures, and sorted catch can be viewed in their natural color. These LED flood lights provide little to no shadowing while offering no yellow washout from the surrounding weather and environment. Better CRI (color rendering index) means better employee health and welfare.

Indoor Berth, Salon, and Engine Room Lighting

Trawler Engine Room Lighting

Offering 80% or more energy savings, LED tube lights and small spot light replacement bulbs offer improved light quality with little or no heat. Optimal LED replacement tube lights are true drop-in replacements for 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot fluorescent tubes. There is no need to change the fixture; all that is needed is to remove or bypass the ballast. All dimensions and pin-out configurations are industry-standard to fluorescent.

Optimal LED spot and bulb lights are also industry-standard E26 screw-in based. This means all you need to do is remove the old bulb and screw in the new LED bulb. All LED bulbs are available in 12, 24, 32Vdc and 85–277Vac. Optimal 10W, 12W and 20W flood and spreader lights are an excellent answer for indoor confined-space lighting. Most users find a 10W or 15W flood is a great replacement for engine room lighting. The minimal heat footprint and cool-white light makes engine repair and working in this confined space easier on the eyes and body.

Recreational Boaters & Yachts

Waterproof LED Lighting Strips

Waterproof LED Lighting Strips

Optimal LED offers waterproof, flexible LED lighting strips for your boat or vessel. Our IP65 reels of LED light strips have 3M double-stick adhesive and can be cut every 3 LEDs for easy custom length applications. All Optimal strips are available in standard, water-resistant (IP65), or submersible (IP68) ratings, making them perfect for your next boat LED lighting project. Optimal Led’s flexible LED lighting strips come in natural white, warm white, red, green, and blue, allowing you to outfit your boat in the style of your choice. They are great for gunnel lighting, under cabinet lighting, or lighting those hard-to-access storage locations.

LED Spreader Lights & Deck Lights

LED Spreader and Deck Lights

Optimal LED offers a complete line of DC- and AC-rated deck and dock flood lights. These low-power consumption lights operate at 10–30Vdc or 85–240Vac. These lights feature a very low power draw—usually less than .5–1 Amp—making them the perfect answer for night time enjoyment of your vessel without the concern of draining your batteries. LED lights also offer the added benefit of minimal heat, they do not attract bugs, and they boast a wide range of color options.

Marine-grade SAE 316 Stainless Steel

Optimal marine LED lighting is built to stand up in the harshest environments by using marine-grade SAE 316 stainless steel hardware and the highest purity aluminum housings. Marine-grade stainless stands up to marine environments with its greater resistance to pitting corrosion. SAE 316 stainless steel contains both nickel and chromium metals, which make it more resistant than your typical household steel found in most LED lighting products. Optimal LED assembles these high-end lights in the U.S. to assure strict quality control.

Our Marine LED Features

  • Wide Range of Input Power Options & Certifications: UL 100–277Vac, 12/24Vdc, 32Vdc, RoHS, CE, PSE, ETL, and more.
  • Sea Turtle Friendly: Optimal LED offers FWC-approved amber and red LED lighting which meets the standard for safe sea turtle nesting sites on beach front properties.
  • Assorted Lighting Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Amber, White, Warm White or RGB color variable lighting.
  • Underwater Lights: IP65-, IP67-, and IP68-rated underwater LED lights in all colors and wattage.
  • Non-Toxic: Our LED lighting is made of sustainable, non-toxic materials and contains no harmful metals like mercury or lead.
  • Average Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Quality Parts: Optimal LED marine lights are built with quality parts such as U.S.-made Bridgelux LEDs as well as SAE 316 marine-grade stainless steel.
  • Highest Lumens per Watt: Optimal LED lighting provides 70–80% more lumens per watt than our competitors.
  • Dim-able: All LED lights can be ordered in dim-able versions as well as fixed output.
  • Color Temperature Advantage: Our LED lights can be specified in several color temperatures ranging from a cool white natural light, to a warm yellow incandescent-like light, to the amber glow of a parking lot bulb.

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