Estimate your energy savings with our
    LED Cost Savings

Saving energy and cutting electric costs is something we’re all conscious of, and regardless of the size of your LED conversion project, the pros at OptimalLED are ready to assist. We’ve built a fully customizable, highly accurate and informative cost savings calculator to help you determine what your true LED savings could be.

How the led cost savings report works

The OptimalLED Cost Savings Report is an in-depth savings analysis calculated by trained members of our staff. Before we begin your cost savings assessment, we will need certain pieces of information from you (listed below). Once you’ve compiled all the information, contact us, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

What your led cost savings report includes

  • Monthly and Annual Savings Report
  • Payback Period / Break-Even Point
  • Profit from Savings Figure
  • Replacement Bulb and Ballast Cost Summary
  • LED Lifespan Estimate
  • LED Bulb Costs
  • LED Fixture Costs (if applicable)
  • Installation Estimate (if applicable)
  • Annual Carbon Footprint Summary
  • Toxic Materials Summary

What we need from you

  • Business or Organization Name and Address
  • Your Name and Contact Information
  • Current Utility Rate (per kWh)
  • Daily Light Operation (in hours/day)
  • Number of Days in Use (per year)
  • Types of Bulbs in Use and their Wattage

Need help figuring out your bulb types and wattage?

No problem! The Pros at OptimalLED can help you determine what type of bulbs and fixtures you are currently using and help you find their wattage. Just contact us and we’ll have someone get back to you soon!