Light replacement chart for
      LED watt conversion

Updating your current lighting to energy-efficientLEDs is a great way to reduce your energy spending. The LED Watt Conversion Chart below will help you cross-reference the lower wattage of a new LED bulb as compared to an existing light bulb. The light-output will be the same, the only difference is the amount of energy being consumed. Get started comparing your watts now!

The current LED lighting market is very dynamic with many exciting and innovative improvements. However, outdated and low quality technology is rampant, and it’s time to replace those energy-sapping bulbs with LED lights.

It is very important to pay attention to the efficacy and lumen output when upgrading to LED lighting, in addition to the LED chip manufacturer. Investing in quality LED chips will ensure your LED lamp lasts the listed lifespan and you realize the expected energy savings. OptimalLED manufactures only the highest quality LED chips, so you can be assured you’re getting every bit of what you pay for.

LED Watt Conversion Chart

Bulb type efficacy rating chart

NOTE: Many LEDs focus their light output to a specific beam angle (rather than 360 degrees), oftentimes making it difficult to strictly compare the lumen specs of LED lighting to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting (which emit light in 360 degrees).

All numbers listed above are averages or ranges and presented as a general guideline. Actual specifications will differ for each specific light and manufacturer. Review your product specifications for a more accurate conversion.